Secure Systems Administration and 工程 (Cybersecurity)

The job outlook for careers in cybersecurity and information technology continues 非常强壮. Many experts predict a continued shortage of qualified professionals 可以填补未来几年的空缺职位.

十大娱乐彩票平台-Blue河 is the host to 十大娱乐彩票平台's cybersecurity program and home to the secure systems administration 应用科学与工程副学士(A.A.S.)学位.

Built around stackable certificates mapped to industry certifications, this program helps students earn credentials quickly and offers credit by certification for students already holding credentials 并希望完成学位或证书.

This program prepares students to enter the in-demand information technology and cybersecurity fields by offering a program that blends current system administration concepts with essential security skills and best practices necessary to deploy, administer, harden 并保护计算机和网络系统.



The National Security Agency and the Department of 首页land Security have designated 都会社区学院 Kansas City as a National 学术卓越中心 在网络防御(CAE-CD),到2023年.

The 国家安全局 and the Department of 首页land Security (国土安全部) jointly sponsor the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE), and Research (CAE-R)计划.

The goal of these programs is to reduce vulnerability in our national information infrastructure by promoting higher education and research in cyber defense (CD) and producing a growing number of professionals with CD expertise in various disciplines.

Students attending CAE-CD and CAE-R schools are eligible to apply for scholarships and grants through the Department of Defense Information Assurance Scholarship Program and the Federal Cyber Service Scholarship for Service Program.

欲了解更多信息,请访问 中冶网络安全中心.


参观 MoSCORES网站 for information on 十大娱乐彩票平台's programs, including length, credit hours, and wage and employment data. 搜索 都会社区学院. Note: The historical data listed is informational and can vary based on the number of credit hours students earn, local wage conditions and other factors.


许多十大娱乐彩票平台学生计划转学. 无论你的目的地是哪里,我们都会一起工作 以确保你的信用可以轻松转移. 这就是为什么我们是这方面的专家.

We've worked out specific transfer agreements with many four-year colleges and universities, so make sure you speak with an academic advisor before enrolling, particularly since transfer agreements can change based on curriculum revisions.